The Data Backup Myth of Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft has changed the way we share and collaborate with the introduction of Office 365. Users find the subscription model is a great fit for their businesses and access from multiple devices is possible without spending on additional licences. Office 365 has transformed the way we use corporate email – no more troublesome Exchange or SharePoint servers to worry about, even all our files can be online with OneDrive. But what happens if you want to get access to a piece of data deleted a couple of weeks ago?

Microsoft have done a great job of making their service available. As a customer, your Office 365 data is typically replicated to multiple datacentres so that in the event of an outage or problem, Microsoft can quickly resume operations. This commitment to protecting your data is reflected in Microsofts financially backed service level agreement of 99.9%.  However, they are only protecting their own interests. Just think about the publicity Microsoft would receive if Office 365 was offline or down for any reason.

Microsoft do not however, backup your data. There is nothing to protect you from accidental deletion of data or an employee seeking to remove evidence of potential misconduct or malpractice. This is particularly worrying given the employee governance that almost all organisations have to comply with. There is also no provision for reverting a mailbox server to an earlier point in time, should a virus attack corrupt your information.

So what can be done? The key is to deploy an Enterprise Backup and Recovery System such as vSTAX Protect. vSTAX Protect is an online cloud backup solution which runs on Windows or Linux, that enables you to protect your key Office 365 data. Simply define an Office 365 backup set and all of your SharePoint, email and OneDrive data can be protected. The size, frequency and data retention options are under your control – all driven by user friendly wizards.

What’s more vSTAX Protect can back up all your VMWare, Hyper-V and physical servers too, and is backed by industry leading providers such as Asigra. So it does not matter if your data is in the cloud on premise – we have it covered with vSTAX Protect.

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