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Organising Your Business Paperwork – The Challenge of Physical Paper Filing

When organisations look at Business Continuity (BC) or Disaster Recovery (DR) a major area which is often overlooked is that of paper documents. Although a large percentage of today’s commercial transactions are electronic there is still an important quantity that are on physical paper. Unless every single paper record is scanned and contained within an IT Data Storage System, no DR or BC plan is complete.

Paper records are the most likely asset to be totally destroyed in a fire or flood event, yet many businesses store them below ground level or in archive rooms with no fire suppression.

Besides the risk of losing the records in a critical event, businesses really need to consider the hidden costs of keeping paper. IDC research points out that, in dealing with paper, employees spend an average of 7.4 hours a week "searching but not finding information” and "formatting data from multiple sources". This is in effect wasting 20% of the working week.

Unlike digital records, paper records cannot be searched automatically, so rely on well-designed indexing and highly organised filing systems. Once a paper document is accidentally mis-filed, it is likely that it will never be found again. Electronic records can be viewed simultaneously by multiple members of staff whereas paper requires sharing files or using photocopies. On a recent survey of a large claims management company we found that they were spending millions on photocopying in order to allow parallel processing of claims by the financial and legal teams. Even so documents borrowed from case files for photocopying were often returned to the wrong folder and subsequently lost. There were so many pieces of correspondence in the active case files that in order to move them from department to department the firm had employed large trolleys which were constantly being pushed around the building. The legal retention on the remainder of the files and the need to review all files annually required the rental of a very large warehouse which itself contributed not only to cost but also the retrieval and potential loss issue.

Stack Group offer a simple solution in the form of an Intelligent Document Management suite known as “ContentVerse.” It’s features and benefits are so many we cannot list them all here, but if you recognise any of the issues above then please call us on 0151 521 2202 for a chat to see how we might help.

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