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We understand your problems

As a small business start-up owner, we understand that you are always looking to get a competitive advantage, work more efficiently and increase the productivity of your business. One way in which you can achieve these objectives is by adopting cloud technology in order to drive down costs, whilst keeping up with the fast-paced digital world.

Reduced Costs

Cloud Technology solutions give small business start-ups the opportunity to use enterprise-class IT infrastructure, but without the huge cost.

Infrastructure as a Service

Traditionally, companies would make a huge cash investment in their IT structure to see improvements, but with Cloud Technology there is a reduced need for upfront investment, as business owners buy IT as a Service (IaaS).

Advice & Guidance

Within the small business and start up sector, cloud adoption is rapidly increasing. But, as a small business owner, why should you consider using this Technology?
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Know the cloud

Whilst there are many benefits to be achieved by using the cloud, it is important that small business owners are aware of challenges associated with this technology.

At Stack, we understand that as a small business owner you want to take advantage of all of the benefits of Cloud Computing without the worry of security. That is why we have created vSTAX Solutions – so that you can select and pay for the IT functions you need, whilst we ensure that security is not a concern.

By achieving Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Certification, Stack are certified against the CIF Code of Practice, which helps us to stand out from our competition as we provide our customers with an added level of re-assurance that they can trust us with their data. Further to this, Stack are accredited to the ISO27001 security standard which demonstrates that we have a managed, professional approach to protecting data, which is independently audited.