Complaint Handling

The Stack Group is always interested in customer’s feedback. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service. From time to time however, we recognise that things may not meet customers’ expectations.

When this is the case we want to know as early as possible to enable us to correct any issues as quickly as we can, and if appropriate put suitable preventative measures in place.

In the first instance, you should speak to the member of staff who initially dealt with your issue to try to come to come to a satisfactory resolution. If you are unhappy with the solution offered, please follow the steps below.

If you feel cause to complain then you can use one of the methods below:

By Phone
Please call our Cloud Support Team on +44 (0) 151 521 6699

This team will try to resolve your issue whilst you are on the call. If we are unable to resolve at first point, the appropriate escalation path will be followed to ensure the speediest resolution to your complaint.

By Email
Please feel free to email us using the address below. Please include your company name and your contact details (and if possible your account number): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By Letter
We will also accept any complaints in writing. Please send your letter to the address below including your company name, your contact details (and if possible your account number):

Complaints Stack Data Solutions Bridle House 1 Bridle Way Liverpool Merseyside L30 4UA

The Complaints Process
Our aim is to resolve any problem you may have to your satisfaction. If we are unable to achieve this in the initial discussion we will agree a plan of action with you.

If you are unhappy with the resolution proposed by the Cloud Support Team, your complaint will be reviewed by the Operations Director.

Timescales and Next Steps
We aim to resolve your complaint within 10 working days of receipt. We will keep you updated throughout the progress of the complaint, at regular & agreed intervals.

If you are unhappy with our resolution of your complaint and report it to us it will be escalated to the entire board of directors to be addressed under the agenda item “client issues” at the earliest meeting of the board.

If you are unhappy with our resolution and wish to seek further action we are happy to agree to binding arbitration in local courts to settle any dispute.