the BLACK DRAGON  was at Aintree on 26th June 2014.....more Stack events coming soon !


Stack has invited the notorious cybercriminal Matthew Beddoes, known as the Black Dragon, to conduct a live demonstration of his hacking skills in front of an audience of its customers and security specialists.

Beddoes was jailed for masterminding an attempt to hack into the UN’s computer systems to steal £6.5 million worth of carbon credits. He stole the credits for a broker who sold $89,000 worth to BP before the offence was discovered. Beddoes received a three year jail term for his part in the theft. He is now a poacher turned gamekeeper swapping his black hat for an (almost) white one.

Join us at the Merriman suites at Aintree racecourse for the event where Stack will provide a number of live systems for Beddoes to attack before your very eyes.

Beddoes will also show how PDF’s, Word documents and spread sheets can be vectors for attack as can SQL injection and cross site scripting. He will also demonstrate social engineering techniques and other ways of compromising organisations.

Our security partners, including Watchguard and Kaspersky, will be in attendance and show how their products can provide defences against Beddoes black arts.

There will be manufacturers’ technical staff on hand to answer your questions and offer advice.

We will also demonstrate securing Wi-Fi to PCI compliance standards and the latest IPCCTV and VoIP platforms.

This promises to be a useful and informative event and a bit of fun too! 

Register now for your place and learn how to make your security truly effective


26th June Timing :

9.30 to 10.30      Hacking Demonstration
10.30 to 11.05   Safenet Presentation
11.10 to 11.45   Kaspersky Presentation
11.50 to 12.30   Watchguard Presentation
12.30 to 1.30      Break
1.30 to 2.20         Hacking Presentation
2.20 to 3.00         ShoreTel Presentation
3.05 to 3.50         IPCCTV Presentation
3.55 to 4.30         Stack Data Presentation

The vendor stands are open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm