Cloud Computing

The Cloud.

Everyone is talking about it but what is it and how could it benefit your business?

Stack Group’s Cloud Service offers you a secure, encrypted space where all your business data can be stored at a secure location and accessed at the office, via Wi-Fi or on the move with your smartphone or tablet.

That means you will always have the files you need at your fingertips wherever you are.

Our Cloud servers at our secure facility in Aintree allow you to pay for just the storage your business needs. You will never again have to worry about security, maintenance or upgrades. Plus as a rented Solution, Stack Cloud is Tax-efficient when compared to traditional onsite solutions !

Cloud Total Experience ...

Cloud Total Experience is an all-encompassing solution. Users simply connect to the Stack system and access all applications on whatever device they are using; iPad/tablet/PC/Android smartphone etc. All Microsoft applications are available for example (but not limited too) Office, email Dynamics CRM. You can add your own specific industry applications to our platform. Data storage is provided along with automated daily backups ensuring your data remains secure in our fully encrypted system. All charges are on a monthly per user basis – even the Microsoft licences are included in the monthly fee. There are no upgrade fees when Microsoft release new versions of their applications. A major benefit of this system is that users can access the system from anywhere even with low speed 3G access. You do not need any equipment on your site other than some form of internet access and a suitable device.

  • Predictable monthly outlay
  • Little or no upfront cost
  • Secure
  • Real-time scalability
  • Highly available
  • Fully managed by Stack Consultants – All maintenance included

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Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) ...

Eliminate the hassle of providing and maintaining your own physical computing infrastructure but maintain complete control of your computing operating system and application environment. The Stack Infrastructure as a Service platform is a robust highly available virtualisation platform leveraging best in class virtualisation technology from VMWare. The underlying infrastructure is scalable and maintained to the highest standards to give unparalleled uptime figures and service levels. Stack Datacentres are secure with resilient power and cooling.

As an administrator you are granted complete control in order to re-boot servers, install software, patch operating systems or make any changes you see necessary. Stack maintains and provides the underlying hardware maintenance enabling you to focus on making IT work for your organisation.
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Easy to manage
  • Full replication to Stack Disaster Recovery Site
  • Tax efficient monthly rental
  • Full automated daily backup service available

Cloud Business Continuity ...

Many businesses need the comfort and security of a second site in order to run their IT services should there be an issue with their main site. Stack Cloud Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) services address this need by providing a secure and shared resource. Your data will be replicated to a Stack Data Centre and you will be able to test your service on a quarterly basis. Should you suffer a real disaster you will be able to power up your computing environment on Stack Infrastructure and enable your users to work remotely. We also offer office space and telephony services as part of the package to enable key users to have a location to work from.
  • Lower cost than providing your own secondary site
  • Flexible and Secure
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Stack IT resource instantly available

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Cloud Backup ...

Stack Virtual Fortress has been operating since 2005 and uses the world leading cloud backup software from Asigra. It is an ideal solution for SMB’s and Enterprises as it is a fully automated, easy to manage and scales from just 10GB to hundreds of terabytes. It does not matter if you have just one single server or hundreds we have a package that will meet your requirements.

The Virtual Fortress is an agentless and tape less solution. This means that you do not have to install software onto the target devices. Only one computer on your network requires the backup software to be installed and all of the backups taken and managed from this central point of administration.

You may make unlimited backup and restore request to the system. All backups are de-duplicated to reduce storage amounts and run on a continuous incremental scheme in order to keep backup windows short with minimal impact on system resources. All you will need is a low bandwidth internet connection. All data is fully encrypted prior to sending to the Virtual Fortress data centre. Restores are lightning fast due to the local backup cache held on your site.

Virtual Fortress supports all operating systems including Windows, VMWare, Linux, Mac, Netware and even IBM AS400. Databases can be protected by the use of hot backup modes or by using open file technology. Email system can be protected down to individual message level. Continuous data protection can preserve business critical applications for round the clock availability whilst less critical data areas can be scheduled to run perhaps once a day.

Bare metal restore enables an entire system to be recovered. In the event of an entire system failure a new server is provisioned with the same family of windows operating system. The C drive, system state and services database are then recovered from the backup set. Once the server is rebooted the server will be restored to the original configuration.

By implementing Virtual Fortress you can eliminate problematic tape from your backup regime as the Fortress relies on a backup to disk strategy for its data storage. The fortress is simple to use with a simple pricing model.

  • Secure
  • Fully automated and hassle free.
  • Eliminate tapes
  • Deduplicated
  • Managed Data Backup
  • Agentless
  • Full compatible with major applications such as Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle
  • Pay as you go model

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Cloud Information and Document Management ...

Be connected to your files anywhere with cloud document management. For a small monthly fee users are able to connect to the document management solution and store all kinds of data in a structured and organised manner. The great benefit of this system is that documents can be retrieved and located by using keywords – even in the document contents. Never lose a document again! Best of all users do not even need to have the application that created the document installed on their device in order to view it. Full audit trail is provided so you can see who has done what to every piece of information in the system.
  • Organize everything
  • Search everything
  • Flexible input of files
  • Edit documents on the fly
  • Share content
  • Access from any device

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