We will specifically design a bespoke support package around your requirements providing you with a solution that “ticks all the boxes”. All levels of support can be provided, from individual applications to entire IT Infrastructures.

Service Desk and Portal

We provide telephone and remote support for all issues with a 24/7 service available. Our special remote support system allows our engineers to start working on the issue quickly and efficiently without the need for any firewall reconfiguration. Our Support Portal is available to all Stack customers.

Personal Service

You will not be dealing with third party call centres, but with Stack Engineers based at our HQ. With our personalised Wrapper Support just one phone call to Stack is all it takes. We will deal with all 3rd party liaisons too, so you don't have to.


Traditional Support (also known as break-fix) ...


When things don’t work as they should what you often observe are the symptoms of a fault and not the root cause. If the symptoms are treated things will seem better but the underlying cause will often recur or worse spread.

Stack engineers have access to an array of specialist diagnostic technologies to identify the cause not just the effect.


Having scientifically determined the cause of a problem Stack engineers will bring to bear on it their expert knowledge and experience gained through thousands of hours of study, ongoing professional development and experience. This results in the quickest, most effective, durable and least expensive remedy.


Once a system is healthy and problem free the next step is to keep a close eye on it. Stack uses special software to continually monitor every aspect of systems we support. Where set parameters are exceeded immediate alerts are received at our HQ enabling us to head off the trouble before it impairs performance or function.


Keeping a system performing optimally is everyone’s goal. Stack achieves this by employing the Diagnose Remedy and Monitor steps together with a rapid response to the alerts or calls to our help desk. Most problems are dealt with by remote connection but we are also able to despatch a Rapid Response engineer with a stock of the most commonly needed parts from our extensive stock of spare.

Managed Service Support ...

A managed service support service includes all of the benefits of traditional support but adds the proactive element of managed maintenance. Here a plan is agreed with the customer for a schedule of inspections, upgrades, patches and other pre-emptive actions that, working with your internal team, serve to keep the system updated and current. It differs from traditional support which is intended to keep the system “as is”.

Outsourced Support ...

With outsourced support Stack takes an even more hands on approach. All of the functions that an internal IT team would perform are carried out by our expert staff. This means that you have on call a team of highly qualified and experienced product experts as well as communications and infrastructure specialists to manage and care for your networks and applications such as Exchange, SQL, and Dynamics etc.