Data Sheets

Wrapper Support

Wrapper support is a complete peace of mind solution, which combines your critical system warranties into one unified support service.

vSTAX Talk

vSTAX Talk delivers powerful IP telephony and unified communications (UC) to your business. Provided either on-site, as a hosted cloud solution, or as a hybrid, vSTAX Talk offers a fully-managed UC service to your workforce. With vSTAX Talk, enabling staff mobility, streamlining your telephone infrastructure and reducing the cost of your communications strategy is both simple and cost-effective.

Office 365 Data Backup

Businesses are embracing Microsoft Office 365 which is transforming the way organisations work. However, most companies are not aware of one huge fact – that Microsoft Office 365 does not backup your data.

vSTAX Recover

Today, information is at the heart of every business with access to your data being critical to success. What would you do if you went back to your office to find that you could not access any data? Could you continue to trade? And would you still be compliant?

Platform Overview with AppCheck

The AppCheck Dashboard enables each user, using a variety of analytical widgets to customise the dashboard tailored towards the individual’s requirements.

IT Security with AppCheck

Automate the discovery of security flaws within your network perimeter quickly, easily, and more accurately with the AppCheck scanning tool.

Ransomware - Did You Know?

Ransomware is malicious software which is used by cyber criminals to access and encrypt your computer files, rendering them inaccessible. Download our data sheet to find out how you can combat this threat.

vSTAX Control

vSTAX Control provides a single console to completely manage your IT environment, supplying endpoint control to your fingertips. Audit, monitor and report on every aspect of your infrastructure from a solution which delivers network auditing, patch management, alerting, remote access and anti-virus from the cloud.

vSTAX Protect

vSTAX Protect is an enterprise grade, fully automated, scalable and reliable cloud backup solution. Your data is backed, compressed, de-duplicated and secured with AES256 encryption before it is sent to one of our vaults held in our UK datacentres, and replicated to one of our secondary datacentres for resilience.

Tech Live

Upcoming agenda for Tech Live 2017

The Era of the Virtual Law Firm

Government austerity measures continue to impact on legal aid revenues, and new entrants to the market place are introducing more modern, flexible and innovative approaches to serving clients. The era of the virtual law firm is dawning.


10 Smart Money Facts you Need to Know About Business Security

In today’s world, digital threats are increasingly invisible, indirect, automated, and driven by the opportunity to make money on unsuspecting businesses.



NetCrunch combines the monitoring of network infrastructure devices like: switches, routers and printers with the monitoring of servers, applications and virtualization hosts.


Overview of vSTAX Cloud Solutions

Stack vSTAX® is an integrated, IaaS and PaaS cloud offering for companies wishing to move to the benefits of private cloud.