School WiFi

As learning is rapidly becoming mobile, devices such as iPads, tablets and smartphones are frequently being used in the classroom. All of these devices require a wireless network, simply because they have no wired network port. In addition to this, students and teachers are increasingly wanting to use BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) technology on the wireless network.

However, delivering wireless connectivity across a school, college or university campus has a number of challenges. Establishments often require a solution with the latest in security and networking technologies, but have limited resources and budget.

WiFi in the education sector is becoming increasingly important - with schools, colleges and universities all wanting to provide connectivity throughout their campus.

Ultimately, WiFi is no longer a luxury in education – it is a vital tool for learning.

Fortinet Education Solution

Features Include –
Reliable coverage with no dead spots
Delivers a network which offers resilience for a high number of users
Compliant with the highest levels of security
Budgets suitable for the education sector
Tailored solution to meet your specific campus and demand requirements, including sites with multiple buildings
Designed and implemented by The Stack Group Interconnect Team, who are experienced at delivering WiFi solutions to schools and colleges throughout the North West.

To read more about the Fortinet Education Solution, download the data sheet:

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At Stack Group we provide a range of solutions for all networking requirements. Our cost effective, business-centric and high performing infrastructure solutions provide your company with the strongest possible base on which to build a world-class business. Our solutions also include industry leading products and our designs are all compliant with the IEE and ISO Standards.

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