vSTAX Recover

The Disaster Recovery Solution which Guarantees Business Continuity

vSTAX Recover provides a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution which protects your organisation in the event of disaster or disruption. Implementing vSTAX Recover gives you the capability to recover rapidly from any systems failure, allowing you to maintain business as usual during and after a crisis.

Cloud Based DRaaS

Workplace Recovery

DR Assessment & Planning
Disaster Recovery with vSTAX Recover

With vSTAX Recover, your environment is replicated in real-time to our highly-available DRaaS Cloud infrastructure, before being duplicated to a geographically separate location for added resilience. In the event of a disaster, you can log on to the vSTAX Recover Management Console and run your production from our cloud service.

Stack provides flexible replication and recovery options to meet the needs of any DR strategy, whilst regular testing is included for auditing purposes.
Workplace Recovery

As well as retrieving your information in the event of disaster, vSTAX Recover allows you to fully extend to our workplace recovery solution, should the physical environment of your business become compromised.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

With vSTAX Recover, a thorough Disaster Recovery Assessment and planning service is included as standard. During this part of the consultancy we assess and analyse your current DR provision, as well as identifying future requirements, so that we can flex our service as your business evolves. This is integral to ensuring that your DR plan is unique to your business as well as being fit for the future.


vSTAX® Recover Data Sheet

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Business Continuity

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Workplace Recovery

At Stack Group we offer our physical workplace recovery suite to companies throughout the North West