vSTAX Talk

Delivers Powerful Unified Communications and Telephony to your Business

Unified Communications for Business

Unified Communications is revolutionising the way organisations communicate with their employees, customers and suppliers. By implementing an effective UC solution, businesses can use calls, chat, screen sharing and video conferencing through one simple to manage platform. This allows organisations to streamline communications, reduce costs, and offer a better customer experience. Another key benefit is mobility, as UC allows the corporate office to easily link with mobile and remote workers.

Experience the Power of Communication with vSTAX Talk

Provided either on-site, as a hosted cloud solution, or as a hybrid, vSTAX Talk offers a fully-managed communications service to your organisation. With vSTAX Talk, facilitating staff mobility, updating your telephone infrastructure or implementing a contact centre is simple and cost-effective. Because every organisation is different, vSTAX Talk blends technologies which allows you to combine multiple market-leading solutions in to one unique communications platform.

vSTAX Talk Technologies

VOIP Phone Systems
Customisable phone systems which meet the needs of your evolving business, vSTAX Talk can provide a VOIP solution which guarantees the lowest total cost of ownership of any voice platform on the market.
Line and Data Services
Line rental, broadband, leased line and MPLS networks.
Mobile Solutions
Wireless networks which minimise mobile call costs both within and outside of the UK.
Call Recording
Call recording technology including features to search, record, play and archive calls.
Video Conferencing
High definition, real time video streaming allows you to conduct meetings with multiple people at multiple sites. Minimise the need for costly and time consuming travel, whilst maintaining face-to-face relationships with clients and colleagues.
Contact Centre Applications
Customisable call routing and automation can be integrated with enterprise applications for advanced business intelligence.
We provide a wide range of telephone and mobile headsets from leading brands such as Plantronics, Sennheiser and Logitech

By delivering a tailored mix of these technologies, vSTAX Talk provides a robust Unified Communication solution which allows you to gain competitive advantage.

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Implementing vSTAX Talk

If you decide that vSTAX Talk is for you, we can fully manage the migration and implementation process as well as giving full training. Implementation can take as little as two weeks.
vSTAX Talk - Audit

As part of vSTAX Talk, we offer a free communication audit which will review your current infrastructure and allow us to make suggestions as to where you can make improvements and cost savings. For more information, or to book an audit, please call 0151 521 2202 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

vSTAX Connect

vSTAX Talk can be delivered in conjunction with our cabling and networking solution - vSTAX Connect


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